Let US HELP YOU BOOST your Instagram page to the next level!

Yes !! We can. Without giving away our secret we can tell you that we have been in business for a number of years and with that being said we have built up a vast amount of affiliates who carry out certain tasks i.e ask their clients to follow a certain page. This ensures that you purchase Instagram followers you are gaining real followers for your Instagram page.


fast & powerful results

BuildMyLikes has built up a very good reputation of being able to provide only the best of the best and in the shortest time frame on the Internet. We understand that when you buy Instagram followers, purchase Instagram photo likes and or look to gain Instagram video likes you are going to be judging us on the speed, the quality and the customer services you are receiving from us.

If you are a re seller who has come to use our services to produce the results for your own clients then you of all should know how important it is to have the services provided at the best quality and within a short period of time so that your clients do not complain and that is exactly what you get by using BuildMyLikes, fast and powerful results.


lowest prices

BuildMyLikes is proud to announce that not only do we give you the chance to purchase Instagram followers that are real but we give you the chance to buy them at the lowest prices on the net !

We are charging low prices for several reasons and one of them being is that we look for long term business with our clients and selling at a very high price will only generate small orders and one times orders which is what we want to stay away from. We are more about understanding our clients needs and giving our clients the chance to purchase Instagram followers at a low price but at high quality is one of the things we do here.

If you do happen to come across another site that is providing Instagram followers and or likes be sure to let us know so we can look at price matching or even beating the price you are seeing somewhere else.


24/7 customer support

BuildMyLIkes knows that you as a client expect the best and with that so do we, this means every single one of our agents is a trained individual who has passed an exam for customer service. Our agents will also help you with ways of how to market on Instagram as well as give you recommendations for how to grow followers on Instagram so you are always one step ahead of your competition.

We have more than three ways of being contacted and each adviser is set in place to answer your questions and give you advice. You can call our office and speak with one of them by phone, you can send an email to one of them so they can reply immediately and or you could speak to one of our agents who will be on our online chat 24 / 7. We always look for long term business with our clients and want to make sure you are looked after from start to finish.


100% Money Back Guarantee

BuildMyLikes will state that we will offer clients their money back if there order is not completed within the time frame stated on our site. This excludes orders over 100k. If you have an order that is 100 k and above please email us directly at [email protected] so that we can give you a time frame on when your order will be completed.