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What Do I Do If I Do Not Receive My Order On Time?

We offer a money back guarantee that if your order is not placed within the time frame that is stated on our site we will offer you a full refund. Make sure your profile is set to public to make the process faster. Take in to consideration that we state that any order over 50,000 will take longer and you should email us right away at [email protected] to find out the exact time.

What Happens If My Profile Is Banned?

You must be aware that you are 100 % liable for your own links and accounts, we have assured all of our clients that our service is organic and we only deliver real Instagram followers but we cannot help if clients are buying from another source nor can we track that so if you have proven that you have only ever bought from us then we can address the issue and take a further look in to it.

BuildMyLikes will not be held accountable for any damage and or loss that happens to your account while you are our client.

We will not take any accountability or responsibility in the event that our website will be temporarily unavailable, if this does happen it is due to upgrade your experience with us and make it more user friendly. If you have an urgent message you can email us at [email protected].

We are providing an organic service and real Instagram followers, we are not promoting that the users will leave you comments nor will they reply to your messages, they will do this at their own free will if they want to.

We will not be held responsible for any links that are banned or followers that may decrease while doing business with our company. You are at your own risk.